$238.99 CAD

The world’s best-selling professional hair dryer

The Elchim Dryer 2001 is a lightweight, high pressure dryer that produces a strong, hot airflow but will not overheat or damage your hair. This means safely cutting your drying time in half. The dryer protects your hair from harmful heat by producing a high airflow at a constant temperature. There is a removable lint filter that makes cleaning your dryer an easy task.

The Elchim Dryer 2001 has 7 switch combinations for seven ranges of speed and temperature to personalize your drying process. The combination of speed and heat will depend on your hair type. Use low or medium heat for finer hair and high heat for thicker coarse hair. Use low speed for naturally frizzy hair and high speed for naturally smooth hair.

This dryer is made out of high-end materials including a long-life double balanced motor with an average of 2000 hours, and a heating element made of Swedish Kanthal wire. The durable housing is made of shock and flame resistant polycarbonate plastic that will contribute to the long lifespan of your dryer. It is made in Italy with a heavy duty, long life AC motor.