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8 types of hair exist and every type needs a specific air flow and temperature.

8th Sense is also a styler. Thanks to the electronic regulation of temperature and air flow, you may create any style you want. Regulating the power of heat, it forges the hair creating curly hair-sets, soft waves and contemporary styles. Even with the most difficult hair style that requires high temperatures and very low air flow, 8thSense creates a “beauty effect” giving brightness to the hair and fixing the hair-setting. With the 8thSense airflow, the hairstylist can create anything he or she wants.

The 8th Sense motor is so revolutionary that has been developed for reduced electricity consumption. This is due to an advanced adjustable power setting and the perfect air concentration which creates outstanding hair. The settings even work on the lowest power selection. 8thSense is energy efficient, has low electrical consumption and thus is good for the environment. 8thSense is an innovative invention of modern engineering and design. It was designed and manufactured in Italy.
Elchim EL8S - Red Lipstick
$199.95 $399.95

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